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Too many things? Now what?

Like many in our society today, you have looked around your house and realized you simply have too much. It is spilling out of your kitchen pantry. It is sneaking out of your bedroom closet. The laundry is overflowing throughout the house. You can't find the table tops.

How did this all happen? Even if you don't practice shopping therapy regularly, you can find yourself drowning in stuff. Holidays and birthdays keep coming each year, whether you are ready or not. Not to mention your good intentioned friend or family member, who thought you would love their bric-a-brac or their entire 1995 wardrobe. After all it's your size and in perfectly good condition, right? You wouldn't want to waste it. Or would you truly be wasting it?

However, these chachkies and trinkets slip into your home, and there you are. Overwhelmed with stuff! But what about being green? Reusing, repurposing, and recycling? Who said you had to forfeit being an environmental crusader to get rid of clutter? I incorporate all of these daily. I love using items in a new and creative way rather than buying new. Or adding a coat of paint to something that maybe doesn't fit in with the rest of my furniture.

Moreover, what about helping your community or the charity of your choosing? Most of us can't build a wing on a hospital or start a school for those less fortunate. Conversely, most of us could help by sharing our excess with those who would otherwise go without a pair of shoes that fit properly, a new frying pan that isn't all scratched up, or a pair of sheets for their bed. It is such a thrill to know I am not wasting items, but helping my neighbor meet their needs. I know you are thinking, yeah, but I want to recoup some money for all this stuff. I'll have a yard sale! Unfortunately, while I understand the concept, I had averaged out what my friends have made. This includes the hours invested and it comes out to less than $8.00 an hour. Yes, they had nice stuff too. Plus, this weekend I watched the neighbor across the street have to load up most of his things after the sale so he could drop them off at his local Goodwill in the end.

One last item I will touch on are systems, routines, or habits. Whatever, term speaks to you. Basically its having a general guide to help you manage your home and stay on top of things. Yes, this is possible! But only if you are willing to make new habits and are consistent most of the time. I can help you with finding a system that works for you and your family's needs. To give you an example, one of my habits is upon leaving a room, I make sure it is put back together. I fluff the pillows, refold the blanket and put it away, put my glass in the dishwasher, turn off all lights, and so forth. Then when I come back to that room later it looks great, a real stress reliever, and the room doesn't have to be contended with just so you can use sit on a chair or use a table.

Remember, organizing and routines are only effective when one has the proper amount of items, in a logical space, easily accessed or put away, for their designated amount of room available. Call me and I will help you get started! Oh, and don't worry I am not going to force you to get rid of your great-grandmother's teapot. Instead we will find ways to honor and showcase your special items and style.


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