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So many organizing methods! Which do I pick?

There are a plethora of ideas and methods of getting you and your home organized. Whether its Konmari, Swedish Death Cleaning, Minimalism, or one of the others.

So do you have to read all the books, check out all vlogs, take a test to figure out what is going to work for you? No, an organizer has already studied these methods & moreover tried them. Plus, an organizer can help you pinpoint your goals, a timeline, and give you a fresh perspective. We hold our clients accountable for following through with your decluttering process and share tips along the way. We know the challenges and the pertinent questions to ask too. Organizers are teachers, coaches, and all around encouragers who want to see you succeed. Lastly, there is a part of organizing that seems overlooked by many, which is maintaining your organization. We organizers, can pop back into your life periodically to keep you organized, ,making sure you aren't falling into bad habits. This is a learned way of life and it takes time, so be kind to yourself and let an organizer help you with maintenance. After all we do it because we absolutely love it!

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