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Overcoming Obstacles to Organizing

You have a desire. A vision. Maybe even an actual plan, but without a timeline. I have been to many houses, where the owners can tell me all these wonderful outcomes and ideas. Yet they have had them on their minds and tongues only, no action has taken place. Why? There could be a myriad of reasons? Depression. Not knowing how to start or execute a plan? Or even being so overwhelmed by the daunting task at hand you freeze. Or maybe you have neglected setting time aside for daily chores?

One must plan small, bite sized projects where you can be successful. Whether it is setting a timer and pushing yourself to tidy up for 30 minutes or even 5 minutes. If done regularly you will see progress and get motivated! When starting a project, think of the outcome. Instead of why it may be hard and you just don't feel like it. You must mentally put yourself in a space that is excited by the prospect of change, knowing it is for the better. The future you will thank you! This will benefit both you and any living creature(s) that live under your roof.

Look for solutions to problems. I love organizing because it is a 3D life-sized puzzle with factors of logic, planning, and art all rolled into one. If you find this to be a conundrum, this is where someone like myself, a professional organizer, is most helpful. We have a plethora of ideas and universal solutions that will help you. No matter where you are starting from, whether a cluttered home or a home that is hoarded.

The first step to getting your home in order is actually deciding to do so. If you are unable yourself, don't feel embarrassed. We all need help in this crazy world, whether its with taxes, dental care, or setting up a functional and easy to maintain home. You need to kick shame to the curb and know that others truly love helping you in this domestic endeavor. We, the professional organizers, are not here to judge. We only want to lift you up and help you solve domestic conundrums. We succeed when you succeed.

Call me at 717-752-7504 if I can answer any questions or you are ready to live your life in a more peaceful, beautiful, and efficient manner.

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