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He who dies with the most toys wins!

Or so the bumper sticker read in the 1980's, the era of the Yuppies. Now Essentialism, Minimalism, and the Swedish aesthetic seem to be popular. However, is this necessary when considering getting your home organized? Do you have to get rid of everything to find peace and happiness? Well, the answer will be unique to each of us. We all have what is referred as a clutter threshold, according to A Slob Comes Clean, Dana White. This clutter threshold is the amount of objects you can easily care for and keep organized. Mine is low. I have ADHD and find clutter of any kind to be disruptive to my well being and overall organization. I can help you find your threshold.

As a teen who lived through conspicuous consumption of the 1980's, I have often wondered when is more ever enough? When are our appetites for things satiated? Just like have another slice of cake, knowing the first didn't truly satisfy. Will the third piece of cake be the answer? Maybe the whole thing? Like overeating, the need to constantly acquire, goes much deeper into a person's psyche. We are trying to fill an emotional or spiritual need with something physical. Just as we know we will have health issues if we eat too much cake, too many objects come with negative consequences as well. Each object in your home needs attention which takes time to clean, energy to maintain, money to fix or replace parts, and valuable precious space in your home. Of course, the multibillion dollar storage industry can help you out with that last one.

As someone who was formerly buried in her disorganized excess, I can speak from experience. Less is more! More of the life I want to live. More room to share with my friends and family! More peace and time saved knowing where each and everything can be found and easily accessed. Less objects in your home means you have less to care for and clean! Who doesn't want that? Let's reform that old 1980's saying to fit today's society. He who lives with the proper amount of items wins! If you need help getting to your proper amount of things, please call me at 717-752-7504.

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