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Copy of Why can't I stay organized?

Ugh! Organizing or trying to be organized can be so frustrating! You seem to be getting on top of things in the kitchen, some of the time, but that bedroom closet is like an avalanche ready to let go! The laundry! Does anyone ever keep up, really? Whatever your problem areas, it can be downright overwhelming! I dare say even depressing. I know because I lived this way as a young adult.

So, what's the solution? Well, its a two pronged answer, one cannot exist without the other. The first is one must have the proper amount items to manage. Managing equals time out of your schedule to care for, clean, and repair your inventory. The amount varies from person to person, depending on your energy level and how you prefer to spend your time. I love simplicity in design and I want cleaning and tidying to be virtually effortless. So I don't have many decorations. Like, one of my favorite designers ,Coco Chanel said, "Less is more." So, I choose to curate my items to only my very favorites, so that they are highlighted and given a place of honor in my home. My mom on the other hand, loves to be surrounded by her many collections and antiques. This gives her joy. She doesn't mind caring for, cleaning around, and taking the time to repair items. This amount works for her and less works for me and my chosen lifestyle. I can help you figure out your clutter threshold too! Your clutter threshold is the right amount of items you are able to manage easily.

The second part of this organizing equation is that you must have systems in place to keep the same level of items in your home constant. This involves how one acquires or regulates items coming and going throughout the year. We all have "new" things come into our homes, whether through shopping therapy, donations from friends or family, or there are always the various holiday and anniversary gifts. My rule is when something that I love comes into my home, something that I like less needs to go! I love being able to donate my items as well as showcase my favorites! My fashionista daughter is kind enough to share her desirable cast offs to me, but sometimes that bag of items is just a big stressor! I must make time to go through the items and truthfully know which to keep and which to let go. I am picky about what comes into and stays in my home. I want it to remain clutter free, in every space. Not just where visitors can observe. And why not? It brings me abundant joy and peace for every item to have a designated home, in a logical space, in which the item fits comfortably for the space available.

So, do you want to get a feeling of peace and joy in your home? If so, to review, here is your equation to successful and lasting organization.


If I can help you with any part of this organizing process call me at 717-752-7504. I can't wait to help you make your goals a reality! You and your family deserve a happy and healthy home!

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