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Can you imagine?

Updated: May 9, 2021

What if next time you went to shop for home goods you couldn't find the the linen section, where it was normally? The store had ordered too many of another item, which has taken over that space. Now linens may be found in isle 2 on the bottom shelf. Maybe isle 7 on the top shelf or was that the middle shelf? More sporadically on the floors around the perimeter. Would you want to keep shopping at a store like that? Think of all the time, energy, and stress it takes looking for something that may or may not even be there. It definitely wouldn't be a peaceful, joy-filled shopping trip. Not to mention the store would not look aesthetically pleasing, either. Don't you agree?

When I was getting my degree in Fashion Merchandising, we all knew presentation and organization were paramount to a successful business. How can you sell something if you can't find it? How do you know to order more of something, if it's impossible to see how many you have in stock easily? If you run out of an item, you won't know till it's too late and you will miss out on the sale. Plus, the store is so untidy your computer was buried under merchandise that hadn't been returned to its shelves. How will you even ring up a sale? It seems silly to run a store this way, but often I see us running our homes in such a manner. Resulting in family confusion, even fights over not being able to find a particular items or items. The loss is not a sale, but peace in our homes and lives.

So what about your home?

*Is it a place of peace and organization?

*Are routines followed regularly, so the jobs are quick and easy?

*Have you been consistently evaluating and curating your items, keeping a proper balance in your home?

*Can you tell a family member where items are located?

*Can you easily gain access to an item, knowing exactly where it is?

*Is the item put away in a ample space with little effort?

*Are your belongings in the proper room?

*Are your necessities near where you use these items?

*Do you like the look of your home?

*Do the items in your home support who you truly are and strive to be?

If you answered no to any of the above, but you would love to answer yes, I am here to help! I personally know that you don't just have to imagine a better home. It can become a reality! I can help you learn easy ways to declutter, set up logical and aesthetic furniture arrangements, plan family systems and routines to keep you tidy and efficient, plus I even make periodic organizational maintenance visits to keep you on track.

You can contact me, Kristen Williamson, at 717-752-7504.

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