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Updated: Jun 19, 2021

Once again, one of my clients, has cancelled. She, like many of my clients are in a depressed state and have some hoarding tendencies. I know this process is overwhelming, daunting, and even scary! But I will be there! We will work together to get your home under control. I sympathize and I love be able to help you with this task! No, really! I love cleaning, decluttering, organizing, and decorating!

So, really can I help you? Here are a few questions and tips to know if you are ready to transform your home. As an organizer, specializing in decluttering, I can only coach and encourage you. I can make my professional recommendations for a beautiful and functional home. However, the bottom line is that you are still in control of what happens to your possessions. They are yours period. The question is are you ready to make decisions? Ones which may be hard and uncomfortable? Are you ready to push yourself to the point of decision fatigue? Yes, this is a real thing! That is why I like to keep my sessions at 3 hours and no more. You are going to need to let go of items, your home is unorganized mainly because you have too much. It is not the size of your home or the lack of closets, you are looking at this backwards. You have too much stuff for the allotted space in which you live. Do you agree? If so, you may be ready to make an appointment with me. Another question is do you have a charity you would like to support? Perhaps, disposing of items in an environmentally responsible way is your concern. We will navigate your possessions in the manner in which you choose. Yes, it is your choice. Another question to consider is why now? Why are you truly doing this? Are you ready to challenge your current beliefs in how to manage a home? Remember your way of thinking has got your home to this condition. The same thinking will not fix it, right? Also, I can give you my experience and knowledge, but you must choose to do so, otherwise your home will not change. It is truly up to you and I am willing to help and support you through it all! So, do you have dreams of using that room for crafting? Maybe another for family get togethers? Are you ready to focus on the goal and not the present discomfort? Are you ready to help your future self? Are you ready to create, with my help, new patterns of living such as doing the dishes after dinner every night before you sit and relax? They only take a few minutes, five or ten, if you do them on the regular. Pretty soon it becomes a habit and you barely notice the chore. Just think about seeing a clean kitchen as you make your coffee in the morning!

These are some of the questions to consider as you look to improve you surroundings. It is possible. I don't care how sloppy you think you are. So, can I help you? If so, call 717-752-7504 and get started on you dream home!

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