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10 Reasons I Embrace Simplicity

Wouldn't you just love to be able to walk into any room and find it clean and ready for use? Well, it can happen. Whether, you go it on your own or hire someone like me who specializes in decluttering, organizing and setting up systems that work for you and your family.

I was not born knowing how to stay organized. In fact, my home was a mess! So, here are the reasons I have embraced simplicity for the last few decades. Perhaps, this list will help you in your organizing journey?

Here are my top ten reasons for simplicity, in no particular order:

  1. I don't like cleaning and caring for a bevvy of items that just collect dust. Besides, your favorite items get buried in the excess clutter.

  2. I like my home to be kept easily organized. Organization is ongoing since you have items coming and going, such as food, holiday decorations, clothing that doesn't fit, and gifts.

  3. I like the bright light and airy feel of open spaces. It gives me peace in my home and this is necessary in today's hectic world.

  4. I absolutely despise having to look for something, especially last minute! Ugh!

  5. I like to highlight my very favorite items by having them be the focal points, not lost in a sea of knick-knacks.

  6. My family knows where to find things and put them away when finished. Now this does take practice if your family doesn't have the habit of cleaning up after themselves.

  7. I want the ability to use any room I wish at anytime. I don't want to have to clear stacks of papers just to eat dinner, do you? Or pick up strewn laundry just to vacuum.

  8. I love having more time to pursue the activities I want, whether its walking the trail or working on my art journal. We all have the same 24 hours, do you use some of that time for you?

  9. Energy. Each of us has only so much allotted per day. Each day will be different too. Whether you have struggled with illness, diseases, or you are just slowing down as time passes by. The more things you have the more energy it takes from you to care for it. Plus, often times I see people so stressed out in their unorganized space, which totally depletes their energy, even to the point of depression.

  10. My ADHD brain doesn't function calmly and responsibly in a chaotic environment. Whether you have a diagnosis or not- we all thrive better in organization.

If I can help you manage your home in any way, please contact me at (717) 752-7504.

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